Kingdom of Andoran

The Kingdom of Andoran is a human-centric kingdom on the southeastern coast of the continent of Tinar. Mubeck the Great is the current king of Andoran and he rules from his capital city of Malbar. Andoran.jpg

Andoran is currently at war with the neighboring Kingdom of Isger. Isger has been attempting to impose a high tariff on the trade of goods through their territory. Holding the pass to both Andoran and the Kingdom of Cheliax, Isger can effectively block trade with the southern coast kingdoms and the Kingdoms surrounding Lake Encarthan, through which a significant amount of trade travels to avoid the long costly journey around the lake through the lawless Kingdom or Kyonin to the east or the cursed Nirmathas forest. At this time, all trade through the mountain pass has halted, for the past few months, very few travelers have made it through the pass and those that have are reported to have seen great monstrous creatures in the area attacking anyone traveling through.

Andoran’s largest cities are Malbar, the capital, Carpenden, and Augustana. There are a few other smaller towns and plenty of small villages and hamlets throughout the kingdom.

The Arthfell Forest, also known as the Greenbelt, has recently become riddled with bandits. Mostly those who have escaped the cities due to the recent plague outbreaks. They have found that the Greenbelt has been largely unaffected, along with the nearby town of Oregent.

Kingdom of Andoran

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